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AR-Pro-Series HI-Custom Shooting Rest APG Realtree, Polyester-Suede, (10")

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Manufacture ID: 1801

Pro-Series Hi/Custom shooting rest fills easily, 900 polyester and suede top and shoulder strap accommodate those requesting higher elevation in a shooting rest and portability. Patented gun vise-grip and a cradle height of 8 inches. Produces exceptional gripping support of the rifles forearm. Effectively absorbs harmonic vibration and reduces felt-recoil and muzzle-jump. Well liked by AR style rifle users with extended magazines and pistol-grip stock designs.


- The PRO-Series shooting rest is made of durable 900 polyester tree camo fabrics and real suede 10 black top, double seam construction that promises to out live your expectations in performance and wear. Includes a shoulder carry strap for easy portability to and from the field. Military grade trouble free Hoop and Loop Fastener fill openings, this design makes it easy to get this rest in use quickly and weighs-in at around 30 lbs. Wide footprint creates increased shooting stability and exceptional accuracy when used correctly.
- Not like other shooting rest designs that are know as the H design by their shape, the PRO-Series includes a critical weight and balance formula and low center-of-gravity, which is critical to the end result performance and stability. The PRO-Series shooting rest is a great choice no matter what you're shooting with and praised by many as a favorite choice.


- PRO-Series (For additional height and shooting rest flexibility)
- PRO-Series HI-Tree-Camo with/black suede 10" Length
- Professionals choice when added elevation is needed with extended clips, pistol style grips and great for prone
- 900 Polyester with/2 mil PVC coating (Moisture resistant)
- Comes with military spec D rings and shoulder carrying strap
- Cradle Height approx: 7.5
- Internal fill spout with/military grade Hoop and Loop Fastener No-leak filling spout/seams (No sewing necessary)
- Shipping weight unfilled: 1 lb./8 oz.