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19 High Speed Transducer

Vexilar Inc.

Manufacture ID: TB0044

The transom style, sometimes referred to as a "high-speed" style, is specifically for mounting externally on the back of a boat. It sits in a bracket which allows the depth and angle to be adjusted to achieve depth reading while the boats in up on-plane, going at high speeds.

This style transducer is commonly used on wood and aluminum hull boats, although the latter can also use an AlumaDucer. For fiberglass hulls, a Puck Style is a more common choice.


- Unique "HTT" housing design allows low turbulence and clear readings at high speeds
- Heavy-duty stainless steel mounting bracket
- 25 Foot Cable


- Quality Barium Titanate crystal
- Earth-grounded cable construction

Vendor: Vexilar Inc.